Baptism (or Christening)

“Today God has touched you with his love and given you a place among his people. God promises to be with you in joy and in sorrow, to be your guide in life, and to bring you safely to heaven. In baptism God invites you on a life-long journey. Together with all God’s people you must explore the way of Jesus and grown in friendship with God, in love for his people, in in serving others” (from the baptism service)

Baptism isn’t only for babies – it’s never too late for you or one of your children to be Baptised! Baptism (or Christening) marks the beginning of a journey with God that continues for the rest of our lives. It is a joyful time when we rejoice in a new life and new beginnings and in what God has done through Christ.

It is a time when we make promises and declare our faith. The wider community of the church and godparents, family and friends offer their welcome and their promise of prayer and support for the future.

Baptisms are held by arrangement, please click ‘contact us’ above for our contact details 

There is no fixed charge for a Baptism, we request you give a generous donation of whatever you can manage to help towards church running costs.

Thanksgiving for the birth of a child or after adoption

Some people feel that the promises they make at a Baptism are not for them, or not for them at a particular time. Or, in the case of adoption, a child may already have been Baptised.

A thanksgiving service caters for different situations where those concerned recognise that something special has happened which they wish to mark with a service or ceremony and for which they wish to give thanks to God. A thanksgiving may be fairly private, with only family and close friends present, or it may be quite a public celebration.

Thanksgiving services may be asked for by parents either before or instead of Baptism.


Confirmation is where adults or older children who have been baptised renew or themselves the promises made for them at their baptism by their parents and godparents, making a public declaration of their faith. Those who have not been Baptised can also be Baptised at the same time. Increasing numbers of people are making their own decision to join the church. For some people this comes as a sudden conversion, For others, a curiosity about God or about the person of Jesus grows into a gradual awareness of His presence and an increasing conviction that there is the need for some sort of personal commitment. They feel the need to express that commitment by joining a worship community of the church. Others follow a slightly different path becoming involved through their friends or children in the activities of their local church. Gradually, they too, want to belong and become confirmed.

Confirmation services take place each year in our locality.

More information on Baptisms and Confirmation can be found on the Church of England Website