In the event of a death, it is usually the Funeral Director who is contacted first. They will then give the appropriate details to the minister who will contact the family to arrange a visit. Services can be held in the church and then followed by burial elsewhere or by cremation.

Memorial Services

Memorial Services are held in November. These are very special and moving services where we thank God for the lives of those who have meant so much to us.

We remember our loved ones in prayer, by lighting candles and reading their names out loud. If you would like someone to be included by name at our next service, no matter how long it is since they passed away, then please ring and let us know.

Book of Remembrance

St. Columba’s Book of Remembrance is kept at the front of the church. We are keen to make sure that any names people would like including are added. There is no charge for the entry of names.

Flowers in Memory Of…

There are certain times during the year when we may particularly want to remember a loved one who has died. One way to do this is to have flowers placed at St. Columba’s in memory of them. The flowers can be placed by the Book of Remembrance or at the side of the altar and can have a small card placed at the side of them indicating who they are in memory of.

A suggested donation of £30 is welcome.

Pastoral Care and Support

The death of someone close to us can bring many paining and confusing feelings. We are here for you at this difficult time, whether it’s someone to talk or pray with.

More information on funerals can be found on the Church of England website