Together We Can Project – Uganda

The Together We Can Project was set up in 2010 with the aim of helping the women who live in the village of Kalule to earn money in order to pay their children’s school fees and buy essentials that they are not able to grow themselves, such as sugar, salt and clothing. They have learned new skills and are now making crafts that are sold both locally and here in the UK.

In 2010, six of the women were each given a piglet. When these piglets produce, the young ones will be given to other women and the sow is now the property of the women who reared it. Within a year, each member of the project should have a pig. Also, every woman was given a chicken. When her hen began to lay, Mama Baby sold the egg for 300 Ugandan Shilling – less than 10p. When she had saved 3000 Ugandan Shilling, she brought another chick. Now she has 7 chickens!

The women were taught by a local potter to make fire pots that they now sell at the nearby market. They also learned how to make a local oven from ant hill soil and cow dung. These ovens make a real difference both to the families and to the environment as they burn less wood and are more efficient.

The group has also learned to make rag rugs, bed covers and jewellery made from paper beads. Some of these crafts have been sold in the UK and the money sent back to the women. With the money she earned, Joyce brought a sewing machine and is now earning a living by making school uniforms, while Aidah was able to buy a cow and two piglets. Others were able to pay school fees for their children.

Since its beginnings, the group has grown in confidence, ability and trust. They are working together to support one another. The women have begun to build their own premisie that will include an office, workshop and a rest room for the staff and the children of the nearby school. The foundations were dug by the builders, but they were filled in by the women who carried of bags of stones up the hill whenever they attended a meeting.

The nearby school, Kalule Church of Uganda Primary School, has also benefited from the project. Donations have enabled them to buy much needed books and equipment. When presented with the books, the Headteacher said “The School now has books!”.

You can help by buying crafts made by the women or by making a donation to the project or the school. For further information or to make a donation, please contact Together We Can Project