Prayers for Wholeness and Healing

Brokenness comes in many forms: illness, oppression, sin, abuse, guilt, strained or broken relationships, a weary world. In God we can find healing, peace, wholeness and unconditional love.

This short, informal service enables us to quietly explore our brokenness and gain a greater understanding of God’s love for us.

We meet every third Sunday of the month at 4pm in the small chapel. All are welcome.

God is never in a hurry.

And so we must let go of our neurotic search for quick cures of personality defects and the quest for instant wholeness.

God is changing us from glory into glory, it is true.

But the change is almost always slow and gradual with the occasional spurt for our encouragement. (Joyce Hugget)


In addition to this service we also offer pastoral support to individuals or families. Because there are times when we may value the prayers of others and a new sense of God’s love and care in our lives, services that recognise this need can be arranged. They can be held privately for individuals or for a small group of family and friends or they can be more public and incorporated into our usual Sunday morning service.